About the Danish Association of Certified Translators and Interpreters

The Danish Association of Certified Translators and Interpreters (DACTI) dates back to 1910. All members of DACTI have strong professional backgrounds. They either hold an MA or an equivalent degree in translation and interpreting and/or have passed DACTI’s admission test and have thus obtained certification by DACTI. DACTI’s primary mission is to promote the interests of our members and to advance the translation and interpreting professions.

Certified translators perform all kinds of translation jobs and are the obvious quality choice when it comes to producing legal, technological, financial and marketing translations. Other fields of expertise include localisation, subtitling, linguistic reviews, quality assurance, etc., using state-of-the-art technology.

DACTI’s interpreters typically work for the business sector, the courts and the police.

Until 2016, it was possible for our members to be appointed as state-authorised translators and interpreters. Since the repeal of the Act on State-Authorised Translators and Interpreters in 2016, DACTI has strived to ensure that all our members comply with the same requirements as those previously made on state-authorised translators and interpreters. To this effect, we have a code of ethics that we require our members to observe.

Today, DACTI certifies its members and, in doing so, vouches for their professional background and guarantees that when you use one of our members you will be served by a professional and skilled translator or interpreter. All members included in our search function are certified by DACTI (please note that the search function page is in Danish, but has English search words too).