12th Nordic Seminar – Copenhagen: Interpreting in the Nordic Countries, current political and professional issues

Interpretation in the Nordic countries: current political and professional issues

We are very proud to organize the 12th Nordic Seminar in Copenhagen this year. This two-day seminar is hosted by the University of Copenhagen in collaboration with the Danish Association of Certified Translators and Interpreters and the Danish Society of Interpreters.

We look forward to presenting a wide range of inspiring and skilled speakers to elaborate on this year’s theme: Interpreting in the Nordic Countries, and current political and professional issues.

Sharing knowledge and experience between the Nordic countries will raise awareness of the importance of having a well-educated force of interpreters in public administration. The seminar will also focus on the professional issues met by interpreters at work, and in particular how this intersects with political issues.

The programme is official and registration is open untill the 1st. of November 2023 (only valid for members of the association):

NORDIC 2023, Copenhagen, Programme

Registration Nordic Seminar 2023